Natural pool, Homhil Protected Area, Socotra Island, Yemen


Homhil is a protected nature sanctuary due to its high number of dragon blood trees, bottle, trees, cucumber trees, and frankincense trees, as well as a scattering of other endemic plant species, which Homhil is famous for. 

Another famed site of Homhil is the natural infinity pool that overlooks the Arabian Sea (though due note that the pool is nearly empty as of April 2023 due to cracks that have emerged in the base rock that forms it).

A few hundred meters up from the infinity pool a simple campsite with a toilet exists.

Homhil can be reached by road (most of the time, it does occasionally get washed out after the monsoon) or by a roughly two-hour uphill hike from near the main Hadiboh-Erissel Road. 

Locals from the scattering of homes and villages around Homhil sell small sachets of dried dragon blood resin and frankincense which can make for great souvenirs to take home.

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