Darsa, Socotra Archipelago, Yemen


Known as the Rat Island, just east of its brother, Samha is little Darsa.

Darsa is an uninhabited island and birder’s paradise with its insanely dense bird populations. 

One of the most stunning and pristine beaches in the world is here on Darsa, and subsequently, the only place to access the island from. The beach is backed by a cliffside pock-marked by caves that are fun to explore. 

Atop the cliffs is where the bird life begins. And apparently, this is where Darsa gained its nickname.

Apparently, after dark the island will be crawling with rats, who feed on the nesting bird eggs scattered around Darsa. Or maybe it’s just a rouse to keep any would-be campers at bay.

Like Abd al Kuri and Samha, Darsa is reachable with an advance boat charter from Qalansiya. 

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