Detwah Lagoon, Socotra Island, Yemen

Detwah Lagoon

One of the most iconic views of Socotra is, of course, the ethereal bands of white sands interrupted by ribbons of blue sea at Detwah Lagoon.

A protected nature sanctuary, Detwah Lagoon features a plethora of marine life within its crystal clear blue waters where a man named Eliya, better known by his nickname Abdullah the Caveman, will usually more than happily give you a tour of the lagoon wildlife.

Eliya has a fascinating life story that he loves to share with passersby, as well as many hilarious stories from his encounters with tourists over the years. You can usually expect an invite into his family cave that overlooks Detwah Lagoon.

If marine life isn’t your calling, the beach at Detwah is lovely for relaxing and swimming.

Detwah features a simple campsite with a block of concrete toilets and showers. 

For the best views of Detwah, head to Qalansiya first and drive up the hill that separates the city from the lagoon area. From there you can hike the rest of the way down and the cars can meet you at the main camp. 

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