Ras Erissel, Socotra, Yemen

Ras Erissel

Socotra’s eastern extremity features a narrow spit of land jutting into the flanks of both the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean known as Ras Erissel

You’ll know you’ve reached the terminus of Ras Erissel and Socotra’s east end when you arrive at the giant whale bones erected at a beach littered with spines from puffer fish. 

Nearby you will also find a beach where fisherman launch their boats to sea as well as a village by the name of Nissam that features a small shop and welcoming residents. 

The women in Nissam weave some excellent hebia, a traditional belt worn by Yemenis that is used to help with posture. They also weave nice purses out of the strips of hebia too. 

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