Hadiboh, Socotra Island, Yemen


Hadiboh, the largest city and capital of Socotra, home to roughly 10,000 or so residents.

It’s a bit of a ramshackle place with constant construction, dirt roads, and unfortunately a lot of rubbish in the streets but it is where most of the hustle and bustle of the island takes place.

Hadiboh’s center is small and easily walkable making a quick tour of town an easy task, albeit not the highlight of most travelers’ time on Socotra.

The Grand Mosque is the most noticeable landmark in town and a good structure to look for if you do get lost in the maze of streets around the souk (but don’t worry, you wouldn’t be lost long as Hadiboh is still quite small).

The main things to see in Hadiboh include the souk and the fish market, the latter is busiest and most exciting in the morning.

Hadiboh is where you’ll find the bulk of the shops on Socotra, hotels (more and more are popping up each year), and souvenir opportunities.

A few great souvenirs to bring home from Socotra include Socotri honey, a fouta (the skirt that the men wear), handicrafts such as palm reed woven mats and bags, Socotri carpets, frankincense, dragon blood resin, and more.

Shops not to miss include the Honey Center and the Socotra Women’s Association Shop, just ask your guide to bring you to them.

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