Samha, Socotra Archipelago, Yemen


Known as the brothers, Samha and Darsa are the two closest of the Outer Islands to Socotra in the archipelago. 

Samha is a desertic place with a small village seemingly built into a narrow gash that was cut into the side of the island. 

A handful of families live on Samha which gives it an edge of the world feel.

A hike can be down into the interior of the island to the flat-topped mountain that rises from the island, making Samha quite noticeable as you approach.

Here in the interior, look for the Begonia samhaensis and the Pelargonium insularis, two of the eight plants endemic to only Samha. 

Along with Darsa and And al Kuri, visits must be arranged in advance as a fishing boat charter is necessary to reach Samha. 

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