Delisha Beach, Socotra, Yemen

Delisha Beach

Delisha Beach is a convenient 30 minute drive east of Hadiboh, making it a great day one stop for a quick dip before continuing to other adventures.

Delisha isn’t the most beautiful beach on the island either, so it’s a good stop early on in the itinerary as you build up toward bigger and more impressive destinations.

A village by the name of Delisha sits just next to the beach, the main attraction there being the Gujarati stone markers.

The stone markers date back to around the 17th-18th century, left behind by Gujarati sailors.

The sailors left inscriptions on the stone markers with the names of those on board and detailing their journey to Socotra from India.

To get to the Gujarati stone markers, have your guide request a Delisha local who can bring you there for a small fee.

Back to Delisha Beach, it is possible to camp here on your itinerary or upgrade to one of the dome-style rooms on the beach with A/C at the Eco Lodge.

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