Dragon Blood Trees Firhmin Forest Socotra Yemen

Firhmin Forest

Forming the eastern side of Wadi Dirhur, opposite the Dixsam Plateau is the Firhmin Forest.

Home to the largest concentration of dragon blood trees on Socotra, and therefore, the world, Firhmin Forest is a destination not to be left off of any Socotra itinerary.

With road access via Dixsam Plateau and Wadi Dirhur, reaching the wild Firhmin Forest is quite easy. However, those looking for a challenge can opt to make a long multi-day trek through the Haggier Mountains to reach Firhmin Forest via Adho Demelah and Daahzaz.

Short walks to longer day hikes can be arranged in the Firhmin Forest.

A rustic campsite is located in a clearing in the forest for those that want to spend the night among the dragons though there are no facilities as of yet. 

A small at-home dragon blood tree nursery can be found not too far from the campsite run by a woman named Fatima out of her personal garden. Ask your guide about visiting, she sells dragon resin and frankincense too, and may even offer to give you a facial treatment with arrowzseh- a mixture of dragon blood resin and turmeric mixed into a paste and applied to the face for weddings. 

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