Euphorbia adbelkuri, Abd al Kuri, Socotra outer islands, Socotra Archipelago, Yemen

Abd al Kuri

The largest of the Socotra Archipelago’s Outer Islands is Abd al Kuri and the westernmost extremity at just 80 kilometers off of Cape Guardafui on the coast of Somalia. 

The island is long and narrow at 32 kilometers from east to west and 6 kilometers north to south and towered over by its largest mountain, Jebel Saleh at 500 meters.

With less than 500 residents, Abd al Kuri is sparsely populated with a handful of small settlements extending across the island, all connected by a dirt road. The inhabitants of Abd al Kuri are mostly fishermen and their families. 

Abd al Kuri rarely sees visitors, so do expect a warm welcome when passing through villages that extend from the extremities of the island.

One of the main features of Abd al Kuri is the endemic and massive Euphorbia abdalkuri, a unique plant with a toxic and caustic sap. This is endemic only to Abd al Kuri and cannot be found anywhere else, even on the other islands of the Socotra Archipelago. 

Abd al Kuri can be reached by chartering a fishing boat well in advance (get in contact for planned departures and for private charter rates), usually with stops in Samha and Darsa from Qalansiya. 

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